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Abraham's Oasis

In 2015 because of the global el nino selected areas of Ethiopia received late rains disturbing the natural balance of crop planting and harvesting. Some areas were able to compensate for the tardiness of the rains.  In Tselemti they have had little to no rain. The children unless helped soon will drop out of school simply because they do not have the energy to attend any more.  The regional government has asked us to help one area named Fyel Wuha (Goat Water). There is a population of five thousand eight hundred (5,800) of which one thousand seven hundred (1,700) are students.  Abraham’s Oasis will work with the Parent Teacher Association to monitor the correct distribution of supplies to the concerned children for the next five months.

On March 14 we started a Global giving challenge to raise $4000 in two weeks to fund this famine relief effort.  Please follow the link below to GlobalGiving.com and help us meet this challenge.



Roggie Village Project

Hope Enterprises has been serving the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia since 1971. For more than 40 years they've been dedicated to providing hope for the needy through holistic human development--striving to help individuals in need to help themselves out of hopelessness. They operate a series of primary, secondary, and vocational schools throughout the country, built Ethiopia’s first not-for-profit liberal arts university college in 2003, and to this day operate the only feeding kitchen in all of Ethiopia. 

"Your generousity helped raise over $300,000 to add a high school at Roggie Village that accepted it's first students in September 2015."

Read more about the Roggie High School Project.

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Roggie High School Project

"Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery."    
                            - Horace Mann

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