Welcome to the Roggie Child Sponsorship Program!

For only $30 per month or $360 per year, you will provide a child with:

  • An academically superior Christian based education,
  • Clothing,
  • A nutritionally balanced diet, and
  • Basic instruction and counseling for the parent(s).

You will receive a picture of your sponsor child, some basic biographical information, and the opportunity to correspond with your sponsor child should you so desire.

Please note:  Should the donations received from the Sponsorship Program be greater than the actual costs of operating the school, the remainder will be set aside for special projects that will benefit either the students at the school or the greater community.

How do I make my financial contribution?

Select "Donate" to make your annual sponsorship donation. 
Select "Subscribe" to start a monthly ($30) or yearly ($360) recurring sponsorship donation


If you would like to sponsor another child or know someone who would, please contact Deb Kilner at deb.kilner@gmail.com.