Questions about Roggie Village

Child Sponsorship Program

May I write to my sponsored child?

We encourage sponsors to get to know their sponsored children more personally through exchanging letters. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Remember that their environment is quite different from ours. It is best not to write about things that you own because they have few possessions.
  • You might like to write about your family, friends and interests.
  • Colorful pens and decorations add interest.
  • Please remember to be brief, one page at most, as the letters do need to be translated.
  • Please feel free to include a photo of you and your family. The children treasure photos from their sponsors. Here too, we ask you for your sensitivity to the vast difference in economic privilege. Photos taken outside or ones that have been closely cropped to remove wealthy surroundings are recommended.
  • Please remember when writing your letter that your child lives in a community that is sensitive to Christian witness. However, be assured that Hope Ministry staff and the local pastor will demonstrate Christian faith and love through their words and actions. While we ask you to refrain from evangelistic language, please feel free to mention God’s love and that you are praying for your child.

How do I send my letter?

Option 1: E-mail
To send an e-mail simply:

  1. Click on the e-mail link
  2. Fill in the boxes on the e-mail form
  3. Click the “Send Message” button
 For now, e-mailed messages will be sent to a local address, printed and then hand carried to Roggie Village. We are hoping to be able to send them directly to Roggie Village at some future date.

Option 2: Handwritten letters:

Once you have written your letter please:

  1. Clearly print your child’s name/ID number on all pages/inserts.
  2. You are welcome to enclose your letter with your financial contributions. Or if you prefer, you may send your letter separately.
  3. If you choose to send your letter separately, please clearly label the envelope with your child’s name/ID number and send it to:

Roggie Child Sponsorships
c/o MPPC Mission Department
950 Santa Cruz Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025

May I send packages?

We must kindly, but firmly, ask you not to send your child packages or additional individual financial gifts. Also, please do not send gifts with people traveling to Roggie.

You may, however, enclose small flat, inexpensive items, such as stickers or pictures your children have drawn, with your letter, as long as they fit into a standard 6 x 9 inch envelope.

Additional financial gifts are welcome to the program and will be used to cover expenses incurred by the program, such as the cost of funding unsponsored children.

Will my sponsored child write back?

Receiving a response from your sponsored child may or may not happen, especially in the first year or two as the children are quite young. We hope to provide you with some feed back from the teachers. Please feel free to write again, even if you do not receive a reply. The children value hearing from you.

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