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Welcome to the e-mail option webpage.  

You may like to model your e-mail after one of the sample letters below. For more suggestions please click here.

For now, e-mailed messages will be sent to a local address, printed and then hand carried to Roggie Village. We are hoping to be able to send them directly to Roggie Village at some future date.

Sample Letters

Dear Genechu,

We send you warm greetings, hoping that you and your family are well.  We are so happy to be your new friends and are very glad that you are attending Roggie School.  In our family, we have a mother (Sue), a father (Bill) and two little girls (Megan, age 5, and Claire, age 4).  Megan and Claire go to school and like to play games outside like hide and seek and tag.  They also like to swim and play soccer.  What games do you like to play?  We are praying for you every day and look forward to learning more about your progress in school and your interests.

Bill, Sue, Megan and Claire

Dear Kedir,

Hello!  How are you?  We hope you are well and continuing to enjoy your studies at Roggie School.   What is your favorite subject?  In our family, we have three grandchildren (2 boys and 1 girl) and they like history and math best.  How are your parents and sisters doing?  We are all well and give thanks to God for our good health.  It has been raining a lot where we live these past few months.  How is the weather in Roggie these days?  We are praying for you, Kedir, and we are so happy to be your new friends!

John and Patty